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WPS Pin List Free

What Does WPS Mean?

WPS can have multiple meanings depending on the context. Here are some common interpretations of WPS:

  1. Wi-Fi Protected Setup: WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a network security standard that simplifies the process of connecting devices to a Wi-Fi network securely. WPS allows users to establish a secure Wi-Fi connection without manually entering a long password. It typically involves a push-button or PIN code method for device authentication.
  2. Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet: WPS can also refer to a suite of office productivity software developed by Kingsoft Corporation. In this context, WPS stands for Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet, which are the main components of the software suite. WPS Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office and provides similar functionalities for creating documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.
  3. Web Processing Service: WPS can also refer to Web Processing Service, which is a standard for accessing and executing geospatial processes over the internet. WPS allows users to publish, discover, and execute geospatial processes, such as data analysis or modeling, using web-based interfaces and protocols.

Characteristic of WPS

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) has several characteristics that make it a convenient and user-friendly method for connecting devices to a Wi-Fi network. Here are some key characteristics of WPS:

  1. Simplified Setup: WPS simplifies the process of connecting devices to a Wi-Fi network, particularly for non-technical users. It eliminates the need to manually enter a complex Wi-Fi password, making the setup process more straightforward.
  2. Push-Button or PIN Code Method: WPS offers two primary methods for establishing a secure connection. The push-button method involves pressing a physical button on the router and activating the WPS feature on the device. The PIN code method requires entering a unique PIN into the device’s WPS settings or network setup interface.
  3. Quick and Automatic Connection: With WPS, the connection process between the router and device is automated and typically completes within a few seconds. This eliminates the need for manually configuring network settings and simplifies the connection process.
  4. Secure Network Encryption: WPS employs encryption protocols such as WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) or WPA3 to ensure a secure connection between the router and the device. It utilizes strong encryption algorithms to protect data transmitted over the network.
  5. Limited Connection Attempts: To prevent unauthorized access, WPS typically limits the number of connection attempts. After a certain number of failed attempts, WPS may temporarily lock down the connection functionality, requiring a reset or waiting period before further attempts can be made.
  6. Compatibility: WPS is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Many modern routers and devices support WPS functionality.

Advantages of WPS

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) offers several advantages that make it a convenient option for connecting devices to a Wi-Fi network. Here are some advantages of using WPS:

  1. Ease of Use: One of the key advantages of WPS is its simplicity and user-friendliness. It eliminates the need to manually enter long and complex Wi-Fi passwords, which can be challenging, especially for non-technical users. With WPS, connecting devices to a Wi-Fi network becomes a much easier and quicker process.
  2. Quick and Convenient Setup: WPS enables a fast and automated setup process. By using the push-button or PIN code method, devices can establish a connection with the Wi-Fi network within seconds. This convenience is particularly helpful when connecting multiple devices to the network or when setting up new devices.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: WPS typically provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for initiating the connection process. Whether it’s pressing a physical button on the router or entering a PIN code, the steps involved are generally clear and easy to follow, reducing the chances of errors during setup.
  4. Enhanced Security: While WPS has had some security vulnerabilities in the past, it still offers security features that protect the connection between the router and the device. It uses encryption protocols like WPA2 or WPA3 to ensure that the data transmitted over the Wi-Fi network remains secure.
  5. Compatibility: WPS is widely supported by many routers and devices. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and more. This compatibility ensures that users can easily connect their devices to the Wi-Fi network without compatibility issues.
  6. Temporary Access: WPS allows for temporary access to the network without revealing the actual Wi-Fi password. This can be beneficial when you want to grant access to guests or visitors, as you can provide them with temporary WPS access without sharing the permanent Wi-Fi password.

All Routers Default WPS Pin List

TP LINK Pin List Download 2023

⦿ WPS-PIN: 66870913
Essid: TP-LlNK_777; TP-LINK_
Router model: TL-WR741N

⦿ Router model: TL-WR841N
WPS-PIN: 85075542

⦿ Router model: TL-WR842ND
WPS-PIN: 55117319

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 37211202

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 95817149

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 41441282

WPS: 37494506

WPS: 37489014

WPS: 37494650

⦿ MODEL: TD-W8960N
WPS: 20917784

WPS: 56738209

WPS: 40176451

WPS: 37493691

WPS: 57739601

WPS: 40184708

WPS: 93834186

WPS: 37505073

WPS: 37490034


⦿ Model: Netgear WNR2000
WPS Pin: 50292127

⦿ BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:98:2C (wlan)
BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:98:2D (ADSL) WPS: 37380342

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN2000
BSSID: 00:24:B2:3F:4A:EC (wlan)
BSSID: 00:24:B2:3F:4A:ED (ADSL)
WPS: 38686191

BSSID: 00:26:F2:78:FB:3E (wlan)
BSSID: 00:26:F2:78:FB:41 (ADSL)
WPS: 64426679

Netgear WPS Pin List 2023

BSSID: E0:46:9A:0A:69:4A (wlan)
BSSID: 00:25:D3:BE:2E:00 (ADSL)
WPS: 19004938

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN1000
BSSID: E0:91:F5:43:48:10 (wlan)
BSSID: E0:91:F5:43:48:11 (ADSL)
WPS: 82234577

⦿ MODEL: Netgear DGN1000
BSSID: 30:46:9A:1E:EE:BA (wlan)
BSSID: 30:46:9A:1E:EE:BB (ADSL)
WPS: 30022645

BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:9E:DA (wlan)
BSSID: 00:26:F2:41:9E:DB (ADSL)
WPS: 32312966

BSSID: 30:46:9A:28:A3:7A (wlan)
BSSID: 30:46:9A:28:A3:7B (ADSL)
WPS: 27334959

Belkin WPS Pin List

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 vl
BSSID: EC:1A:59:2B:92:46 (WLAN)
BSSID: EC:1A:59:2B:92:47 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121230HF102382
WPS: 19366838

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1
SSID: belkin.b82
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:1B:82 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:1B:83 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121212HF111888
WPS: 87279320

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:36:72 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DA:36:73 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121212HF113612
WPS: 83469909

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F9J1102 v1
SSID: belkin.630
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DB:36:30 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:DB:36:31 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121213HF100703
WPS: 14159114

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F7D4401
SSID: belkin.96b3
BSSID: 94:44:52:F6:B3:B5 (WLAN)
BSSID: 94:44:52:F6:B3:B6 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121107H4101566 WPS: 15310828

⦿ MODEL: Belkin F7D4401 v1
BSSID: 08:86:3B:08:55:22 (WLAN)
BSSID: 08:86:3B:08:55:23 (WAN)
SERIAL: 121110H4100034
WPS: 36323364

Netcom WPS Pin List

BSSID: 00:60:64:3E:A3:68
WPS: 13948696

SSID: wireless
BSSID: 00:60:64:3E:7E:AC (wlan)
BSSID: 00:60:64:3E:7E:A9 (ADSL)
WPS: 17002318

BSSID: 00:60:64:69:6D:0A
SERIAL: 120320008126
WPS: 71876160

Dlink WPS Pin Devices

⦿ MODEL: DIR-655
WPS-PIN: 95061771
Essid: D-Link DIR-655; dlink after reset

⦿ MODEL: DSL-2740B-F1
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:91:C2:73 (wlan)
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:91:C2:72 (ADSL)
WPS: 44686871

⦿ MODEL: DSL-2740B
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:F3:F8:E8 (wlan)
BSSID: 14:D6:4D:F3:F8:E7 (ADSL)
WPS: 59185239

Tenda Router WPS Pin List


  • C8:3A:35:F3:36:18 : 159390961
  • C8:3A:35:F2:6D:98 : 158877685
  • C8:3A:35:49:98:28 : 48230803
  • C8:3A:35:52:FD:51 : 54388017

Binatone Router Wps Pin

Router Input Panel IP Address user id And Passwords

Company IP Address Username Passwords
Actiontec admin (boşluk)
Actiontec Verizon admin (boşluk)
Airties RT206v2 (TTNET) admin ttnet
Airties RT210 (TTNET) (boşluk) (boşluk)
Airties RT210 (TTNET) admin ttnet
Allied Telesyn manager friend
Apache root veya setup root
Artes admin adslroot
Asus Admin Admin
Aztech admin admin
Aztech admin admin
Bec admin admin
Billion admin admin
Billion Bipac admin password
Bross admin 1234
C-Com Gerekmiyor Gerekmiyor
Cnet admin epicrouter
Corecess 3112 usb admin corecess3112
Corecess 3113 eth admin corecess3113
Creative admin admin
Dibeg 108 dare (boşluk)
D-Link admin admin
Datron ETHERNET admin admin
Datron USB admin admin
Dost GVC admin dostdost
DryTek admin (boşluk)
Dynalink admin admin
E-Con admin admin
Eicon Diva (boşluk) (boşluk)
Everest SG-1400 admin admin
Fishnet AR-1101 (DOPING) admin 1234
Flynet admin admin
Geek admin epicrouter
Geek admin geekadsl
Gezz admin epicrouter
Hayes admin hayesadsl
Home Station DC 213 admin admin
Home Station DC 214 admin password
Hicomm admin epicrouter
Huawei admin ttnet
Inca admin epicrouter
Inca admin epicrouter
Karel admin adslroot
Ladox admin ladox
Loopcom admin epicrouter
Link SYS admin admin
Mercury ADSL admin conexant
Quake admin epicrouter
Onixon root root
Origo Wireless admin kont2004
Origo admin admin
Paradigm admin epicrouter
Pikatel DSL DSL
Pikatel ComboMax admin password
Phlips SNC6500 gerekmiyor admin
Pti 840 admin epicrouter
Pronets admin conexant
Siemens Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
SMC gerekmiyor smcadmin
Speedstream admin kendiniz belirleyiniz
Speedcom admin conexant
SpeedTouch 330 Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
Speedtouch Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
Thomson Kendiniz belirleyiniz Kendiniz belirleyiniz
Tecom root root
USB Robotics admin admin
Zoom X Serisi modem admin zoomadsl
Zte XDSL admin ttnet
ZyXEL admin 1234


MediaPack WPS Pin devices

MODEL: MediaPack 252 MP-252BW
BSSID: 00:90:8f:3a:91:d0 (WLAN)
BSSID: 00:90:8f:3a:91:cc (ETH0)
ISP: iPrimus
WPS: 38384127

Asus WPS Pin devices

BSSID: 20:CF:30:97:D8:E4
WPS: 77898951

Sapido WPS Pin devices

BSSID: 00:d0:41:c3:71:ed
WPS: 79679190

Billion WPS Pin devices

MODEL: Billion BiPac 7800NL
SSID: Billion
BSSID: 00:04:ed:be:75:d8
WPS: 19951683

Edimax WPS Pin devices

BSSID: 80:1F:02:28:C2:E8
WPS: 26713366

Linksys default WPS Pin

BSSID: 20:CF:30:97:D8:E4
WPS: 77898951

How to use WPS Pin

To use the WPS PIN method for connecting a device to a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the WPS PIN: On your Wi-Fi router or access point, there should be a label or sticker that displays the WPS PIN. It is an eight-digit numerical code. If you can’t find the PIN on the router, you may need to access the router’s administration settings or consult the router’s user manual or manufacturer’s website.
  2. Enable WPS on the device: On the device, if you want to connect to the Wi-Fi network, navigate to the network settings or Wi-Fi settings menu. Look for the option to enable WPS or connect using a WPS PIN.
  3. Enter the WPS PIN: Once you have enabled WPS on the device, it will prompt you to enter the WPS PIN. Enter the eight-digit PIN that you obtained from the router’s label or settings.
  4. Establish the connection: After entering the WPS PIN, the device will attempt to establish a connection with the Wi-Fi network using the PIN. The router will verify the PIN, and if it matches, the device will be connected to the network.
  5. Connection confirmation: Once the connection is established, the device should display a confirmation message or indicator showing that it is connected to the Wi-Fi network. You can now use the Wi-Fi network for internet access on the device.