RTO Full Form – Regional Transport Office

RTO Full Form

What is the full form of RTO?

RTO Full Form: The Regional Transport Office, often known as the Road Transport Office, is the full version of RTO. The agency known as RTO is in charge of maintaining a driver database and an automobile data system for several Indian states. Every state has an RTO that issues driving permits and paperwork for vehicle registration. Most countries now have digitalized RTO cards, which are the size of a PAN card and contain information about the vehicle as well as a photograph of the card’s owner.

Responsibility Of RTO

Driving permits, road fund licensing, and road tax, commonly referred to as arranging excise duty collection for automobiles and selling custom registration, are all concerns of the RTO. RTO plays a number of crucial roles, some of which are listed below:

  • New vehicle registration.
  • RTO maintains the record of all registered automobiles.
  • RTO issues the license of an automobile driver or owner.
  • Routine inspection of automobiles.
  • RTO issues the documents to assert automobile fitness.
  • RTO Collects the once-in-a-lifetime road tax from automobile owners.
  • Manage licenses offered to autos, trucks, taxis, etc.
  • RTO implements the new rules and regulations issued by the Government concerning automobiles.
  • Checking the emission levels and issuing pollution documents for automobiles.

RTO State Code of India

AP Andhra Pradesh
AR Arunachal Pradesh
BR Bihar
CG Chhattisgarh
GA Goa
GJ Gujarat
HP Himachal Pradesh
HR Haryana
JH Jharkhand
JK Jammu and Kashmir
KA Karnataka
KL Kerala
LD Lakshadweep
MH Maharashtra
ML Meghalaya
MN Manipur
MP Madhya Pradesh
MZ Mizoram
NL Nagaland
OD Odisha
PB Punjab
RJ Rajasthan
SK Sikkim
TN Tamil Nadu
TS Telangana
TR Tripura
UP Uttar Pradesh
UK Uttarakhand
WB West Bengal